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  How To Choose The Right Pole barn...

      ... And The Right Contractor To Build It - At The Right Price

Many pole barn builders promise the lowest price and "forget" to tell you about the negative effects and future costs of the lower quality materials they'll use.

Protect yourself from these problems. No shortcuts. With Santelli you get only top quality materials so you can enjoy easy and carefree maintenance for many years to come.

Get yours built in 5 days from start to finish by top notch professionals.

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Pole Barns are designed for both commercial and residential use. Our customers' Pole Barns are being used commercially for large farm equipment, horse arenas, machine storage, and also residential purposes like storing RVs, boats and cars. Some customers use them for offices and some choose to live in them.

You get only the highest quality materials (with manufacturer's warranties as long as 50 years on some materials) and the most reliable and experienced craftsman to build your Pole Barn. We have successfully sharpened our skills for over the past 60 years and built literally hundreds and hundreds of Pole Barns in the upstate NY area. We'd love to build one for you. Click here to request a free quotation - and there's no obligation whatsoever.

The Pole Barn Structure

Quality And Longevity Of The Metal And The Finish
An important structural factor is the quality of the metal and how it stands up over time. Cheap metal fades in 8 -10 years and it will rust or start to rust. Superior grade metal, which is available for minimal extra cost, has excellent color retention for as much as 25 years.

Three things basically differentiate superior metal and inferior metal: the amount of zinc in the metal, the quality of the paint finish, and the strength (psi) (pounds per square inch) of the steel base sheet being used.

The psi strength of the steel base sheet is an important factor. Not all 29-gauge metal is created equal.

It has a tolerance, whereby the cheap manufacturer is buying the thin end of the tolerance and the superior manufacturer is buying the thick end of the tolerance. Insist on the thick end with a psi strength of at least 80,000 psi. While there are 5 or 6 companies that distribute steel roofing and siding in Central New York, there is only one company that makes a superior steel product. This company is called Fabral.

Is how the amount of zinc in the base metal correlates to how quickly your Pole Barn is going to rust or not rust. Again, Fabral is the only company that uses 1.2 ounces of zinc per square foot, 33% more than its competitors use. Be aware that not every builder buys the same metal. Insist on a builder that uses Fabral metal with the long-lasting zinc coating. If he doesn't, look for a builder who does.

Consider the quality of the paint finish. Cheap manufacturers use a siliconized polyester paint finish which shows noticeable fade in 8-10 years. Insist on a SUPER ALURITE 2000 paint finish, which has superior color retention over time, with no noticeable fade for 25 years. Fabral uses only a SUPER ALURITE 2000 finish.

Remember, these three things are VERY IMPORTANT:
High zinc content, superior psi strength and that great paint finish.

The Quality of the Poles

A long piece of timber used as a pole is not an engineered product. Make sure you get an engineered product so it is stronger and straighter. Because it is an engineered product - it is engineered to take more stress. Make sure you get maximum strength and load bearing with a proven engineered product by insuring that all buildings 12 feet and taller utilize an engineered and laminated pole.

Here Is The Kind of Advice We Would Give To Our Best Friends ... If They Wanted To Have A Pole Barn Built ... "Careful! Some Builders "Stretch" The Engineering Specs"

Some builders build differently. Remember that your Pole Building is 2/3rds material and 1/3rd labor. Some builders take the envelope or the structure of the building and instead of putting these posts at 8-foot centers and a roof truss on 4-foot centers; they "stretch the envelope".

They put the posts on 9-foot centers and trusses on 4 ½ foot centers and when you add it up over a total building - when it is a material intensive building - there is less material in the total job so they can make more profit. Also, with less material, there is less handling of that material, so there is less labor and more additional profits. Make sure this doesn't happen with your new Pole Barn. Insist on posts on 8-foot centers and a roof truss on 4-foot centers.

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Our Pole Barns Are Great As Horse Barn Stalls, Stables and Horse Riding Arenas

We've built many horse barn stables throughout the finger lakes region. From large steel indoor equestrian riding arenas to horse stalls and equipment storage buildings, we've built them all. If you have horses and are looking for any of these types of equine structures, contact us for your free quote by calling 1-855-Santelli or completing the form on this page.

Expert Pole Barn Builders In New York

While some people look for pole barn plans and designs or pole barn kits, the reality is when you factor in the cost of your time and the price of the materials, let alone how many weeks or months it may take to build your Pole Barn structure, most people's best option is simply have it built for them. Santelli's expert pole barn building team will have your shed, garage or structure built in under 1 week. We build pole barns throughout the New York Finger Lakes and Western Central NY region, with barns from Rochester to Syracuse and all points in between. Contact us today to get a free price quotation by calling 1-855-726-8355 (855-Santelli) or fill out the form on this page.

We Build Pole Barns In The Finger Lakes & Western Central New York Areas:

Cayuga County
Livingston County

Monroe County
Onondaga County
Ontario County
Oswego County

Schuyler County
Seneca County
Seneca Falls

Tompkins County
Wayne County
Yates County
And Surrounding Cities

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